Saturday, 30 September 2017

Talking Travel and Ethical Style with Daphne Pfumojena

Hello! I am very excited to share my first interview with you.  Each of them will focus on a person with wonderful ideas, a creative style and/or an ethical brand who has inspired me and I hope will inspire you too. I first came across Daphne Pfumojena's Instagram account (@daphne_pfumojena) a few months ago and it instantly became a favourite. It is filled with colourful photos of Daphne in places around the world, wearing beautiful outfits and often her amazing yellow Doc Martens (I have recently started looking out for a pair of my own).  Daphne is a registered nurse with a love for travelling and making. Her brand 'The Washing Line' is sustainable and ethical with a range of lovely cotton and linen shirt dresses.

1. What inspired you to make a brand that is ethical and sustainable?

I like the idea of being part of a system which respects and supports everyone in the channel of clothes making. When you buy cheap, fast fashion, someone out there is paying the price.

2. How have the places that you have travelled to, influenced your style? Does your style change when you are in different countries?

Travelling has certainly influenced my style. Often my clothes are a collection of items that I have brought from my travels and my style certainly changes with each country or place.
Some places I feel I have to tone it down a little. I have a pair of second-hand bright yellow Doc Martens, which I wear all the time, and I have come to realise they attract too much attention, particularly when visiting small towns and villages.
However, when in big cosmopolitan cities like London and Berlin you can truly express yourself, style wise.

3. Do you often change your shopping habits?

I have, and continue to transition into a more minimalistic lifestyle. I try to put some thought into my buying habits, and read more about who I am buying from.
I also try and find out if someone I know of, is making what I am after, before heading to the big sellers.

4. Where are the clothes from 'The Washing Line' produced?

The Washing Line is produced in Bali, Indonesia. I work with a tailor called Sukarno. He doesn't speak much English and I can just about say a few words in Indonesia Bahasa so we rely on Google Translate. He is a lovely and patient guy so it makes working together easier.

5. Where is your favourite place?

That's a pickle as I have a few! Zimbabwe is one, as that's my home country, I love Bali because...well, because it's Bali. Last year I spent time on Atauro Island in Timor Leste. No connection with the outside world. Only surrounded by nature. Absolute Bliss.

I often spend time in a French village called Ramatuelle, in a very minimalistic old house with just essentials, a stone throw from the beach, surrounded by nature. Again, utterly blissful.

6.What is your favourite item of clothing that you own?

  A peach linen dress I made. It's oversized, easy to wear and good fabric.

Thank you again to Daphne for answering my questions. I loved finding out who makes the clothes for your brand and about your style. I definitely want to visit Bali sometime! Make sure you have a look at Daphne's brand 'The Washing Line'.

                                                                                 Beccy x

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