Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Summer Shirt Up-cycle Project

My first up-cycling project in a while! On the left is the shirt which used to belong to my Nanna. I have worn it once or twice in the last few years (tied up to make it less boxy and more comfy) although I decided that to make it more wearable for the summer months, I would make some alterations to it such as taking the sleeves off and making it more cropped.

I started by unpicking the sleeves and doing a really simple double-turned hem.

The shirt is a few sizes too large for me which became really obvious once it had no sleeves as the side seem sagged out a lot. I took the armhole in by about 7cm, down to the corner of the side seam, which gave the shirt a much nicer fit (see left side of the shirt on the mannequin).
I also took 10cm off the hem at the back of the shirt to give the shirt a more cropped fit, tapering the hems to a point at the front of the shirt so that it is easier to tie.
Using the fabric waste from the sleeves to make a mask because who doesn't like it when their mask co-ordinates with their outfit these days! I created a pattern and the mask following one of the first tutorials that I came across on YouTube. They fit really nicely and the video is really simple to follow, instructing you on how to make a pattern for your mask. The masks also have two layers (the inner one meaning that you can add a filter) which offers more protection. I have also stitched pipe-cleaners into the top line of the masks to help them fit more snuggly to the bridge of the nose (especially helpful if you have glasses).
Although quite simple alterations, I think that the changes to the shirt make it much more wearable for summer!

Let me know if you have found any good mask patterns/tutorials!

Beccy x

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